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Azerbaijan embassy organises Ambassadors Golf Cup

Azerbaijan embassy on Sunday organised Ambassadors’ Golf Cup at Bahria Golf Course. “Ambassadors Golf Tournament” was dedicated to the National Salvation Day and 100th Anniversary of Diplomatic Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Diplomats from various countries took part in the Golf tournament. Prominent among them were ambassadors of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Brunei, India, Russian, Tajikistan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. Federal Ombudswomen Kashmala Tariq also took part in the competition. She also distributed awards among the winning players.

Embassy of Azerbaijan also hosted a reception recently to mark the national day of Azerbaijan. Similarly, the embassy in collaboration with the President House hosted a function at the Presidency for special children. The embassy periodically organizes such functions under the banner of Heydar Aliey foundation’s humanitarian activities. The Foundation has undertaken a number of initiatives in Pakistan for the welfare of needy people.

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