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Mövenpick Hotel Hanoi Mooncakes 2019

Autumn is a beautiful collage of various shades of yellow. There is the faded yellow of the wilting leaves, the bright tangerine shade of the dying sunlight each late afternoon, and the golden light of the Mid-Autumn Moon. That vibrant collage sparked an idea for the Mövenpick Hotel Hanoi‘s mooncake collection that instills the very essence of autumn in each and every of its facets.

Crafted by the talented Executive Chef Nguyen Ngoc Quyen from traditional and modern ingredients, the moon cakes will bring a peaceful but exciting “Occasion of Reunion” for family and loved ones, children and business associates alike.


The collection features six different flavours:

  • The four-cake box consists of:
    • Mixed nuts
    • Green tea with salted egg yolk
    • Black sesame with salted egg yolk
    • Lotus seed with salted egg yolk
  • The six-cake box offers two additional flavours:
    • Taro with salted egg yolk
    • Coconut with salted egg yolk


The four-cake box is priced at VND 759,000+

The six-cake box is priced at VND 799,000+

Prices are subject to 10% VAT.

Enjoy up to 20% discount for any purchase of more than 15 boxes.

Vi 4 banh

For more information or to order, please contact:

Tel: +84 24 3822 2800, extension 6135



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