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FLC Hanoi Junior Golf Tour 2018 to kick off

This has been announced at a press conference in Hanoi by FLC BISCOM.,JSC and Hanoi Sports Training and Competition Centre.

Accordingly, the first tournament will be held at FLC Sam Son Golf Links on June 2-3 with the participation of more than 50 junior golfers across the country.

All golfers will compete in stroke play format. In each tournament, top 5 winners will be awarded points (first place: 10 points, second place: 8 points, third place: 6 points, fourth place: 4 points, and fifth place: 2 points). They will have chance to receive bonus points based on their competitive attitude.

The outstanding golfers of the FLC Hanoi Junior Golf Tour 2018 will be selected to Hanoi Junior Golf Team.

The golf tour aims to create a memorable summer experience for young golfers as well as seeking potential Vietnamese golfers to compete in international tournaments.

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