Why Vietnam

How to Add to Your Round of Golf in Vietnam

If you are planning to enjoy a couple of weeks vacation golfing around this beautiful country then you are in for a treat.

Apart from a number of first class courses in Vietnam, playing golf in a warm climate is an added bonus in its own right. No more trudging along a wet and muddy 18 holes similar to the tracks back home in say Europe.

Winter golf here in Vietnam offers the perfect climate, however it’s worth noting that you need to adapt to your new surroundings to fully enjoy your Vietnam golf experience.

Firstly some of you may prefer to get some exercise by forgoing the golf cart and walking, and apart from certain courses that is a great idea so long as the terrain is not to hilly. However if it is a hilly layout then carts are most likely to be compulsory too.

If you book an early tee time then most of your round will be in the cool morning, or another option is to book a later tee time so you can enjoy the shadows on the course as the sun begins to lower in the sky. Locals tend to like to play in the mornings, so you may find the course is also quieter in the afternoons.

When it is cloudy the UV rays being close to the equator can still be strong, so best to bring some factor 50 sun block. In fact you will see many of the Asian female golfers wearing straw hats with large visors to keep them cool and to protect their faces as well. It is also a sensible idea to bring along a couple of small golf towels in your bag, as it can get a bit humid.

Luckily you should come across the kiosks at every 3-4 holes along the way, so it makes sense to drink a lot of water to avoid getting dehydrated. Some say a small bottle every 3 holes is a good amount to drink.

If you do experience rain, remember they are likely to be very short tropical storms, so best to sit it out in one of the kiosks enjoying a drink or a snack. As many courses are built on sandy hills the drainage is brilliant and you should be back out playing again within minutes.

Finally do remember to take your camera as many courses here in Vietnam offer spectacular and breathtaking vistas, and it’s also fun to grab a group shot of you all with your smiling Vietnamese caddies as well.

Enjoy your unforgettable rounds in Vietnam….we are sure you will not be disappointed.