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Good Morning VIETNAM!

Good Morning VIETNAM!

OK when you mention Vietnam, of course one immediately recalls the images of the war in the 60’s and 70’s, with the thousands of American GI’s fighting a losing battle.

Well history has moved on and therefore fast forward to 2015 and the country has now become one of the fastest growing economies in South East Asia.

Vietnam has also been discovered by tourists from all over the globe. They come for its fantastic coastline, wonderful culture, remarkable people, mouthwatering cuisine, great value and maybe surprisingly enough now also for its world class golf courses.

Although the first golf course Dalat Palace was actually opened back in the 1920’s , Vietnam really had no courses to speak of until quite recently. The government realised the potential to attract wealthy foreigners and has been actively supporting the construction of courses.

In fact Vietnam was named Best Golf Destination Asia and Australasia in 2016 by over 500 international golf travel agents, all members of IGATO.

So in just a few short years, Vietnam has created a thriving young golf industry with over 33 quality courses and many more are planned for the future.

With over 1,700kms from the North to the South, Vietnam has just about everything one needs for a really memorable golf holiday….sea, sun and championship golf courses. Basically there are three main areas worth visiting from the golf and tourism perspective.

The North is home to the paddy fields of Sapa, the surreal Halong Bay and the country’s capital Hanoi with all its culture.

In the Centre of the country on some breathtaking coast line, is the relatively modern sea side city of Danang and close by the Back to the Future World Heritage town known as Hoi An.

And finally in the South are the river style folk that call the Mekong Delta their home, with Ho Chi Minh City, still referred to by its old name Saigon, pushing forward into the 21st century.

With international airports in most regions it is simple to jump on a plane to reach your preferred destination anywhere in Vietnam.

At Vietnam Golf Tourism we can therefore arrange your complete Vietnam vacation, leaving you time to enjoy this wonderful country and to experience some of the best golf of a lifetime.

Good Morning VIETNAM!!!!