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PGA – The Peak Of Your Game

With the following knowledge on PGA, you now can understand who is a PGA.


Criterias of a PGA

PGA stands for Professional Golfers Association. There are a number of accredited PGA’s throughout the world including the PGA of America, PGA of Australia & PGA of United Kingdom. PGA Professionals train for a period of three years in all aspects of the game of golf including and most importantly the business side of the golf industry, including Business Management, Rules and Regulations, Teaching, Playing and Golf Science. I am a member of the Australian PGA, having completed my training there, and also doing apprenticeship at a Golf Club.

PGA vs professional golfer

PGA Qualified Professionals are not only good players but have passed the required studies to be able to work in the golf industry at all levels. This includes the ability to teach the game at all levels, manage golf courses, create training programs and develop the game on all levels.
Many golfers who play the game for a living often do not have any qualifications other than their ability to play the game. Playing the game for a living generally means you are trying to obtain playing status on any of the recognized PGA Tours. They then need to earn a certain amount of money to maintain their card and continue playing the game on the Professional Tours  for a living.


PGA Championship - Final Round

PGA Position

PGA Qualified Professionals are trained to work in the golf industry and are qualified and all aspects of the game. Professionals Golfers are generally not qualified at any aspect of the industry however they play the game for financial gain and their livelihood. There are also those described as Golf Professionals , who generally teach golf for a living, and who may have achieved some form of Teaching training from a Golf Academy or Institution, but are not PGA Members.

PGA Levels

The PGA Associations of the world are continually trying to improve the quality of their Members, to do this they introduce different levels of training to ensure they continue to lead the Golf Industry at the highest level. Once you have become a member of the PGA you are a qualified member for life, however to maintain the highest rating of a “AAA Member”,  further ongoing training and education is required.

Difference between PGAs in different countries

PGA Professionals in countries like the US, UK or Australia work very closely together to ensure their Members are the most qualified people working in the industry and have a consistent approach to ensure the best levels of advice, teaching and business operation in the industry.

In South East Asia most PGA’s do not run 3 years programs to train their members. Members simply need to pass a one or two day playing test and are granted Membership. This type of Associations do not offer the professional standards that ensure their members are qualified to hold leading positions in the industry and are more focused on golfers who want to  be professional players

How PGAs can join PGA tours and Majors?

Professional golfers who hold status on the major Golf Tours of the world are entitled to join Professional Golf Events. All the main Professional Tours have qualification events to earn your chance to play. Players then need to maintain their Tour Cards each year by finishing in required position overall. For example, the US Tour the top 125 players keep their status for the following year, on the Asian Tour it’s the top 60.
For the four Majors the players earning automatic entry are those in the top 50 on the World Rankings.  The remainder of the field is made up from qualifying events, invites and past performance such as past Major winners or leading amateurs.

How to identify PGAs in Vietnam?

Any qualified PGA Professional will have a Card showing his/her membership to their respective Associations. Those holding Membership of the US PGA, UK PGA, Australian or New Zealand PGA have been trained and educated to give you the best advice, guidance and management of their respective facilities.
People often wrongly use the  term ‘PGA’  as a general description of a professional golfer, but  those without the PGA Membership are generally better players who have decided to take their local knowledge and experience and do the best they can with little or no  formal training.  PGA Professional are proud of their qualification and the skills and knowledge that  it represents. You should look to a PGA Member for the best advice on any aspect of the game of golf.

In Vietnam there are a number of PGA Members, from the PGA’s of Australia, Canada, UK, USA.. They are involved in the golf industry on a number of levels, from Club Management, Golf Business Management, Teaching, and Golf Equipment business. There is only one fully qualified Vietnamese person who is a PGA Member, who is Pham Minh Duc, who is a full member of the Australian PGA.


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