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During the launch of “Vietnam Golf Coast” alliance, VietnamGolf had the honor of interviewing the legendary golf designer Robert Trent Jones II about Central Vietnam as a golf destination as well as his upcoming super product – Hoiana Shores Golf Club.

Robert Trent Jones II

Your thoughts on the forming of Vietnam Golf Coast?

It’s very good. Remember golf is not a business, it’s a sport. A business might include the total experience for the tourist on the airlines, staying in the hotel, eating in the restaurant, renting bicycle, vv…When they come for a sport, they might come for the ocean to swim, they might play tennis, they might play golf. So I think the experience of having many different locations is a good one. People are able to be welcomed to each club; then they can compare and confess their experience.

Họp báo ra mắt liên minh “Vietnam Golf Coast”The launch of “Vietnam Golf Coast”

Your thoughts on strong points of Danang’s golf destination?

The place has been overlooked for a long time. Because Danang is a very beautiful place, nature was very generous. It is very much of an inspiring place for people like me or golf artists to use the landscape we find, and each of us would interpret the land maybe differently, but the land itself is what we listen to and inspires us. It is a very good place.

Can you share the highlights of Hoiana Shores?

Hoiana Shores is going to be different and unique. It is a combination of its dums land which is created by the wind and the sea. We recreated the in-land duns as how the sea had made it; we follow how nature brings the sand to shore overtime. So when we walk in Hoiana Shores there’s no trees, you can see the entire landscape, you can see the sea and the island from distance, and you can play a very nice moving wide open course among the duns.

Is Hoiana Shores similar to other links course in Scotland?

It has the same basic fundamental principles. It’s on the ocean; therefore it’s open to the elements of the weather. Golf is an outdoor sport, so you must welcome the weather. You might play in the rain, you might play in the wind, you might play in the sun light, or all three in one day, it’s ok. It’s important to understand that for a links course, the elements, especially the wind, are factors in how you design it and how you play it.

Your thoughts on the future of golf in Vietnam?

I believe that people suddenly become awaken. It has been a sleeping giant for a long time. Vietnamese people have their own culture, they are very unique throughout Southeast Asia, they are very welcoming, and many times they are very quiet, they don’t say much, they listen a lot. I think the friendliness would be their big advantage to attract international visitors.

Thank you so much for your time and we look forward to the open of the golf course!

Profile Information:

Full name: Robert Trent “Bobby” Jones Jr.

DOB: 24/07/1939

Design courses since: 1960s

Number of courses designed: 95

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