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G+18 – Investment in Vietnam Junior Golf

G+18 – Investment in Vietnam Junior Golf

Vietnam Golf Magazine enjoys an exclusive chat with Thomas Chapelle, Manager of G+18 Golf Academy – one of the most respected golf academies in Vietnam.

 How did you get into golf?

I discovered golf at the age of 5, with a member of my family. One day at school, they hosted a discovery day about the game, so I signed up. The school organized a tournament with different games related to golf. At the end of the day, I won the tournament and got a week of golf lessons at the PGA school in France. I was 14-years-old at that time. After a week at the camp, the golf course in my city contacted me and asked If I wanted to study and play for it Junior Golf team. The decision was easy, so I agreed and started training the next month. I trained and played tournaments with them until I’m 17. Then I trained by myself for a year, then the next 2.5 years I trained and played high-level tournaments almost every weekend (it’s called the “grand prix”, only available for single handicap players). At around 23 years old, I was certified for the French PGA Golf school, and I became a professional golf coach and player. I had the chance to study with some of the best French coaches and players for two years such as with Mr. Laurent Puig, ex-president of the French PGA. I played many professional tournaments and I’ve taught around 1,000 people, half juniors and half adults, group and individual classes, beginners to advanced players.

Why did you come to Vietnam to teach golf?

After visiting Vietnam in 2006 for a year, I fell in love with the country and at that time I saw that golf was developing in Vietnam and I was interested in teaching here. After the PGA School in France, I decided I wanted to return and help develop golf in Vietnam by teaching adults and kids through opening a golf academy.

What products and services does G+18 offer?

The G+18 Academy is dedicated to teaching golf at all levels. We offer a wide range of products and activities, from a golf academy for juniors and adults to golf tours. With professional experience from the golf industry in Europe and a passionate team, G+18 is committed to provide its customers with quality, enjoyable and memorable golfing experiences.

What attracts you to junior golf?

To develop golf in a country you must engage all types of customers, adults (women and men) and juniors. At G+18 we feel the future of golf rests with our youth. Practicing golf is an opportunity for children to develop not only physically, but also mentally. Along side physical exercises, obedience and respect are the core qualities golf. G+18 Junior Academy is open to all children aged 5 to 17 years. The teaching team will lead children to more stable and proper personal investment, necessary to progress in golf.

What is your plan to help promote junior golf in Vietnam?

We want to continue making juniors study with us, create appreciation to learn and play and share this sport with other kids. We have structured teaching methods and evaluation plans to help students develop through different stages at their own rhythm. Technical progress will necessary, but it should not be the only target to achieve. The student must also learn and apply the rules of the game and its etiquette: respect other players and the course, learn self-control, and acquire perseverance, creativity, courage and a fighting spirit. These are some valuable qualities that golf can help develop.

Full name: Thomas Chapelle
Date of birth: 18 May 1986
Nationality: French
Number of years in golf: More than 16 years
Handicap: 0
Turned pro: 2008
Favorite quote: Let’s share together our passion for Golf
Member of French and Europe PGA
Year of establishment: 2015
Address: The Hanoi Club Hotel, 76 Yen Phu, Tay Ho, Hanoi.
Number of students: 25 kids and around 15 adults.
Population: More than 60 million
Number of golf courses: 400
Number of golfers: Around 600,000
Number of junior golfers: About 30% of golfers

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