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Hanoi Golf Academy

Hanoi Golf Academy
With a desire to further popularise the sport of golf in Vietnam, Hanoi Golf Academy has made great efforts to organise different training classes for young people.

Established in 2013 by professional golfer Nguyen Thai Duong, the academy has now become a reliable address for those who want to take on the sport. Talking about his targets when establishing the academy, Director Nguyen Thai Duong acknowledged: “The academy wants to make golf become more popular in Vietnam and help many Vietnamese people, especially the young, practice the sport”. Besides, it also wants to change awareness of the Vietnamese that golf is a sport and it is not expensive entertainment.To train and create favourable conditions for young golfers to develop their talents, Hanoi Golf Academy has diverse training classes, suitable for all ages and levels. For the past three years, the academy has trained hundreds of golfers, making a contribution to popularising the sport in Vietnam. There, the students have been trained with a well-schooled curriculum by experienced golf coaches, namely Nguyen Thai Duong, John McKenzie, a member of the Professional Golfers’ Association in Scotland who has spent 20 years playing in golf tournaments and 16 years teaching golf and Jeong Chi Hun, a member of the Korean Professional Golfers’ Association.

Duong also said that in the training program for young people, each class has only four to five students so they are carefully instructed by the coach. Therefore, the students feel excited about the sport. Many children reveal their ability to become a golf talent in the future.

Each class has only four to five students so they are carefully instructed by the coach. Photo: Khanh Long

Trainees are taught by Coach John McKenzie. Photo: Khanh Long

Trainees are instructed the technique of putting the ball into the hole.Photo: Khanh Long

The coach teaches trainees how to hold baffy.

Coach John McKenzie teaches a little boy how to hit the ball. Photo: Khanh Long

Putting the ball into the hole.

Trainees are taught increasingly difficult techniques. Photo: Khanh Long

After some lessons on techniques, trainees are allowed to practice on the course. Photo: Khanh Long

Little trainees are interested in lessons at the academy. Photo: Khanh Long

Coach John McKenzie shows a little student mistakes after practising.Photo: Khanh Long

Coach John McKenzie instructs his students on the course. Photo: Khanh Long

The academy often organises outside practices on golf courses in outskirt of Hanoi. Photo: File

Interesting outside lessons. Photo: File

A photograph of students and their coach during an outside practice. Photo: File

At present, the academy also organises a free class for children under 13 years old at 8:30am every Sunday at the Phuong Dong Golf Course, My Dinh, Hanoi.

Despite initial difficulties, the academy with a staff of professional coaches and detailed training programs has attracted a large number of students and contributed to the development of golf in Vietnam. In the future, the academy plans to organise golf tournaments for young people in Hanoi.

Story: Thuc Hien – Photos: Khanh Long & Files

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