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Mural art transforms fishing village

 Artists from South Korea have given a village in central Quang Nam Province a new look with colourful murals.

In early June, Trung Thanh Village in Tam Thanh Commune was chosen for an art project as part of the Korea Foundation Community Art Exchange Programme held by the Korea Foundation and the UN-Habitat Vietnam to improve living conditions and introduce more art to the public.

Five artists from the South Korea, 12 volunteers and many Vietnamese students have given the walls of about 100 houses a new face.

Even the locals are also excited about the arts on their houses and volunteered to help. From the village gate to the many houses, the community seems livelier with pictures of a genie, flowers and daily activities.

Oh Ye Seul, a 25-year-old artist, said since the weather in Trung Thanh was so hot, she decided to pain a snowman to bring something happy and cool to the people.

She has been participated in various village mural projects and immediately registered to go to Vietnam after hearing about the programme.

Oh Ye Seul said this was her first visit to Vietnam but she loved the scenery and friendly locals.

Tai, a local in Trung Thanh Village, said, “Everyone has been excited since the artists came to our village.

The wall of my house had been blackened with mould but now it has been transformed into a fishing picture in just in one morning.

I’m really happy, now I look it all the time. Each house has different picture. They’re all pretty. The village looks very different from before.”

Park Kyoung Chul, representative of the Korea Foundation in Vietnam said they wanted to share ideas, experiences, and expertise to find ways of implementing and developing community art in two countries.

They also hope that the project would raise people’s awareness, responsibility and pride about their hometown.

Nguyen Thanh Binh, chairman of Tam Thanh Commune, said the projects boosted the mood the villagers greatly and he hoped they could attract more tourists in the future.

“Tam Thanh Commune receives lots of tourists each year so we hope the art will encourage them to stay longer,” he said.

The project will conclude on June 28.

Some photos from the project:


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