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Vietnam’s golf tourism promoted in India

The event gathered 50 golfers, who are politicians, ambassadors of ASEAN member states, Indian friends, and the Vietnamese embassy staff.

In his opening remarks, Vietnamese Ambassador Pham Sanh Chau said that the tourney aimed to promote Vietnam as a destination for golfers, thus helping introduce Vietnamese land and people to golfers and Indian friends.

The embassy will invest in organising the tourney annually to have pervasive effects, as many Indian people and even politicians in the country’s states do not know much about Vietnam, and its golf tourism, he added

At the awarding ceremony, golfers had a chance to taste Vietnam’s traditional dishes such as pho (Vietnamese signature noodle soup) and nem (spring rolls). The prizes mainly included the country’s specialties like coffee, tea and conical hat. 

The tourney was also expected to promote Vietnam’s cuisine and culture and seek opportunities to boost trade and investment in the country.

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