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Alegolf and significant milestones in 2-year development

VietNamNet Bridge  – Alegolf is holding the “Golden month of Gratitude – Play More, Win More” to pay gratitude to its customers and to celebrate its 2nd anniversary.  On this occasion, let’s review Alegolf’s development in the past two years. 

When Alegolf is mentioned, customers will immediately recognize its membership card – a multipurpose card which is used to book golf-courses, golf-tours, and buy golf voucher, etc… with a special price, up to 30% discount. This type of card was launched for the first time on July 6th 2015, with the golf booking call center – 19002093.

Focusing on information technology integrated services, on September 16th 2015, Alegolf introduced the first tee-off-time booking website in Vietnam at By which, golfers could choose the most reasonable golf course and tee-off-time based on comparison with the services and prices offers by other golf courses

At the same time, the Alegolf Premium membership card was elevated to a new level with special discount – up to 60% and became a must-have item to golfers.

On 20th November 2015, the golf-tour packaging service was launched, which allows golfers to simplify their games and leisure travel with a reasonable cost.

In early 2016, another landmark was made when Alegolf improved its membership cards with 20 benefits and increased preferential level to 63%. Moreover, the card can be used at most of golf courses in Vietnam.  

In June 2016, Alegolf and Vinaphone marked their cooperation with the Vinaphone Plus program. Alegolf became the golf booking supplier with a special price for Diamond and Gold Vinaphone Plus members. Furthermore, members of the program will receive 3 times discount (VND500,000 per round) if they book the golf course through the Alegolf system. 

In July 2016, Alegolf cooperat4ed with Vietinbank in a refund program for Vietinbank card holders. Accordingly, Vietinbank undertakes to refund golfers VND200,000 when the payments are made by Vietinbank Visa Signature card. All booking and payment must be implemented by Alegolf system.

Alegolf and significant milestones in 2-year development

In November 2016, the number of Alegolf members reached 1,111 people. To commemorate the exceptional figure, Alegolf held “Greeting the 1,111 members” program with the total prize worth ten millions VND.

The first golf lesson booking website in Vietnam, named was launched in January 2017. Visiting the website, golfers can look up the information of golf teachers, training courses over the country and book the courses at 

In April 2017, Alegolf implemented the golf preferential program for Diamond and Golf Vinaphone Plus Member, including: Discount up to 30% golf fees; Get more VND5,000,000 off per 10 rounds; Free 300 golf balls per 3 turns in driving ranges; And VND1 million per 2 bills at golf shops. The program offers up to VND10 million for every single member at 15 golf courses, 5 driving ranges and 5 golf shop across nation until 31/12/2017. Please click herefor the details of the program.

Alegolf and significant milestones in 2-year development

In July 2017, Alegolf and Vietinbank upgraded the refund program for Vietinbank Signature card holders from VND200,000 to VND500,000 cash-back per transfer for each Vietinbank Visa Signature card holder. The program will be applied for 500 booking turns per month. Golfers could visit by link enclosed here for more details of the program.

After a 2-year development, the number of golf courses that Alegolf associates has reached hundreds in Vietnam and Asia while the number of members has increased to over 1,600.
To commemorate its 2nd anniversary, Alegolf is holding “Golden month of Gratitude – Play More, Win More” with the total value of award and gift of hundred millions of VND. The program is supposed to be a deep gratitude to members and customers who have travelled with Alegolf during the entire period. 

Joining the program, the golfers will receive award as follow:


Alegolf will offer 2 golf vouchers worth VND3.2 million for every Eagle point from every players whom made the booking through Alegolf from 15/7/2017 to 15/8/2017.


Offering golf voucher for the lucky order which is chosen every week by chance. 

There will be only 01 the lucky order which is chosen per week:

Birdie week (from 15/7 to 21/7): 1 Golf voucher worth VND1.6 million

Eagle week (from 22/7 to 28/7): 2 Golf voucher worth VND3.2 million

Albatross week (from 29/7 to 4/8): 3 Golf voucher worth VND4.8 million

H.I.O week (from 5/8 to 15/8): 6 Golf voucher worth VND14 million

The total value of given golf vouchers are worth VND23.6 million

The order, which have not won the prize yet, will be used for the others until the end of the program.


Alegolf will give hundreds of golf vouchers to express Alegolf’s gratitude for members and customers who had a lot of registrations last year from 1/8/2016 to 30/6/2017. Please click here for more details about the program. 

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