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HN, HCM City among world’s top 10 dynamic cities

The index evaluated and rated 134 big cities around the globe based on 42 ingredients across three key areas, including short-term momentum, commercial real estate momentum and long-term fundamentals.

HCM City ranked second among the top 30 most dynamic cities, behind Bangalore – a technology hub of India. The capital of Ha Noi overcame Boston (the United States) and Nairobi (Kenya) to end up in eighth position.

This is the first time that Vietnamese cities have been present in the leading group of CMI. As assessed by Jones Lang LaSalle, this positive result is attributed to their low cost of living, strongly growing consumption market and foreign direct investment (FDI) growth.

The world’s top ten dynamic cities according to the CMI 2017: 1. Bangalore (India); 2.Ho Chi Minh City (Viet Nam); 3.Silicon Valley (the US); 4.Shanghai (China); 5. Hyderabad (India); 6. London (the UK); 7. Austin (the US); 8. Ha Noi (Viet Nam); 9. Boston (the US); 10.Nairobi (Kenya)./.

By Vien Nhu

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