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Quy Nhon: Emerging sports tourism hub in Vietnam

Quy Nhon, a coastal city in Central Vietnam, is rapidly emerging as a premier destination for sports tourism. Renowned for its natural beauty and well-developed tourism infrastructure, Quy Nhon is at the heart of Binh Dinh province and is becoming a top choice for travelers seeking diverse and engaging tourism experiences.

Key Features:

  • Location: Central Vietnam, Binh Dinh Province
  • Natural Beauty: Picturesque coastlines, sandy beaches
  • Infrastructure: Developed to support tourism

Diverse Tourism Experiences

Quy Nhon’s unique geographical position between the sea and mountains offers visitors breathtaking views and a variety of activities. The city’s coastline is dotted with stunning beaches, such as Nhon Hai – Hon Kho, known for its pristine beauty and friendly locals. From Nhon Hai, tourists can reach Hon Kho Islet via a short ferry ride. Nearby, Ky Co, often called the “Vietnamese Maldives,” offers activities like diving, jet skiing, and camping. Adjacent to Ky Co, Eo Gio provides scenic walking paths along the coast.

Tourism Highlights:

  • Beaches: Nhon Hai – Hon Kho, Ky Co, Eo Gio
  • Activities: Diving, jet skiing, camping, scenic walks

Bai Xep is another must-visit spot, famous for its natural rock formations and golden sandy beaches, attracting many young tourists for photography. Nhon Ly, a peninsula commune, offers a blend of beach tourism and cultural exploration with its preserved Champa relics and vibrant murals.

Additional Destinations:

  • Bai Xep: Rock formations, sandy beaches
  • Nhon Ly: Cultural heritage, murals

For those interested in cultural and spiritual tourism, Quy Nhon features the Cham towers, Long Phuoc temple, and Nui Pagoda with its giant Buddha statue. The Science Discovery and Innovation Center also offers educational tours.

Cultural Sites:

  • Cham Towers: Historical significance
  • Long Phuoc Temple: Martial arts cradle
  • Nui Pagoda: Giant Buddha statue

Culinary Delights

Quy Nhon attracts visitors not only with its scenic beauty but also with its culinary offerings. Local specialties include banh hoi chao long (pork organ congee with rice vermicelli), banh xeo tom nhay (shrimp crispy pancakes), and a variety of seafood dishes. The city is known for its reasonable prices, thanks to strict local management.

Local Cuisine:

  • Must-Try Dishes: Banh hoi chao long, banh xeo tom nhay
  • Seafood: Fresh and diverse options

Sports Tourism and Major Events

Quy Nhon and Binh Dinh province are focusing on developing sports tourism by hosting national and international sports events. The region has successfully organized traditional martial arts, golf, beach volleyball, and marathons, attracting both domestic and international tourists.

Sports Events:

  • Martial Arts, Golf, Beach Volleyball
  • Marathons: VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon

The city’s coastal landscape has made it an ideal location for international sailing races and stand-up paddle-boarding events. Recently, Quy Nhon hosted the Formula 1 powerboat race F1H2O Grand Prix and the UIM-ABP Aquabike Grand Prix Binh Dinh 2024.

Water Sports Events:

  • Formula 1 Powerboat Race
  • UIM-ABP Aquabike Grand Prix

Looking ahead, Binh Dinh province plans to host the Binh Dinh Tourism Festival 2024, featuring 22 cultural and sports events. The highlight will be the fifth VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon, combining running with tourism along scenic routes like Phuong Mai dunes and Thi Nai lagoon.

Upcoming Events:

  • Binh Dinh Tourism Festival 2024
  • VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon’s transformation into a sports tourism hub is significantly impacting travel and tourism in the region. With its blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and modern infrastructure, the city offers a rich and varied experience for tourists. The continuous development of sports events and tourism facilities ensures that Quy Nhon remains a top destination, attracting visitors from around the world and boosting the local economy.

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