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Recreational parks in Vietnam gets IAAPA certification

Two recreational parks in Vietnam of TTC Group became members of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA).

This certification is an exalted status for all recreational parks with quality, safety and scenery. More than 4,800 amusement parks and attractions from over 90 countries including prestigious brands such as Disneyland Singapore, Universal Studios Singapore, DreamWorks Studios, Sea World Australia, Babylon Casino Macau, Kingdom of Dreams India and others.

To be a member of IAAPA, one needs to fulfill the highest standards of service, quality, safety, scenery and environment. Covering an area of over 220 hectares, TTC Safari recreation complexes are known as the consolidation of three tourist areas including Love Valley, Dreaming Hill and Thong Nhat Hill.

There are subdivisions like indoor and outdoor amusement parks, cultural and culinary tourism, street festivals, zoos, botanical research centers among others. There are also several interesting attractions like canoeing, pedal boats, horse riding, camping, paint shooting, Jeep car hiring, trains, golf cars for attracting tourists.

It has a wonderful ecosystem with excellent landscape and modern cable cars. The Linh Son Truong Tho temple here attracts many Buddhists for their pilgrimage. There are also exciting games like sailing, fishing and tram tours.

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