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Summer Sea Festival opens in Quy Nhon

FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links

The opening ceremony focused on introducing the beautiful beaches of Binh Dinh, including Quy Nhon, Ky Co, Eo Gio and Hon Kho as well as Cham culture, martial arts tradition, and folk music.

The festival, which will run until September 2, features many cultural and sporting events, such as a beauty pageant, a martial art competition, a tennis tourney, and a children’s festival.

The FCL Group will inaugurate the Nhon Ly golf, resort, villa development and high-end entertainment complex on the occasion.

In 2015, Binh Dinh welcomed over 2.6 million visitors, a 25% increase over the last year. The festival is designed to become an annual event contributing to promoting the province’s tourism potential and attracting more visitors to the locality.

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