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National amateur male golf tourney to kick off

The Việt Nam Amateur Open will tee off at Sacom Golf Resort at TuyềnLâm Lake, ĐàLạt City, LâmĐồng Province on June 23, according to the Việt Nam Golf Association (VGA), the tournament organiser.

The tournament is open to all amateur male golfers, in accordance with the rules of amateur status approved by R&A Rules Limited.

The event is VGA’s biggest golf event of the year. It attracts the participation of 120 male golfers, including some of the top young golfers of 13 countries in Asia. They compete in the four-day, 72-hole tournament. There will be a cut off 50 per cent, and ties of final entry after 36 holes of play. The winner will be the competitor who returns the lowest aggregate gross score at the end of the event.

The Open ends on June 26.


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