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Scramble – Let’s go!

“Scramble” is one of the world’s most popular forms of golf. Take a moment and let leading foreign golf experts teaching in Vietnam explain how it could benefit you.

Jonathan Garratt – Jack Nicklaus Academy

I really enjoy Texas Scrambles, it’s a simple, quick and enjoyable way to play the game and one of the few formats in golf that encourages a form of ‘team work’. It’s popular among international golfers and many golf clubs will often use the format for some of their members tournaments. Occasionally, it is also applied in some Pro-Am tournaments where the professional can help the team, but will still keep its own stroke play card.

I think it’s important that golfers get to experience all the different forms of the game.  The way the scramble is played makes all players consider each other.

Quintin Van Der Berg – Els Performance Golf Academy

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Scramble is great fun format that can be played by golfers of all levels. As you will be choosing the best shot, then beginners don’t feel intimated playing with better players because they will be supported by that better players’ shots. It also gets the golfers to play a round quicker.  It is not a day-to-day format, but one that can be used now and again as a different format for courses and their competition schedules.

This is a very popular format with charity events and golf club tournaments. The ADT Skills Challenge reverse scramble was even played on the PGA Tour in 2009 in Florida.

Regular day-to-day golf will always be strokeplay or stableford, as it is individual scores – but more golfers should try this fun format with their friends in social golf. It is a fun format with a certain strategy, but great fun where people of different handicaps can compete and contribute equally to the team. This format is usually a birdie fest with great fun to be had by the whole team.

Matthew Rea – Leadbetter Academy


Scramble is a popular choice for corporate or fund raising golf tournaments. The attraction of this format is that less skilled golfers can participate with little fear of embarrassment of being a burden to others. The “Texas Scramble Format” is used for the Golf Sixes in the UK to encourage group participation in team formats, and is designed to be a quick, fun way of playing golf.

To conclude, the scramble format is suitable for hosting fun corporate golf days encouraging companies to compete against each other in team formats. However, it is difficult to measure individual progress, and therefore medal format is considered golf’s purest challenge.

Kiran Mistry – The golf athlete academy


It’s a great way to play and feel as a team and encourage a faster way to play golf. Golf in Vietnam can be quite a slow and frustrating game. Scramble usually means more birdies and fewer bogeys making it much more rewarding and exciting. It’s a simple format, but rules have to be adhered to. Scramble is popular in Europe at club level and encourages a different way of playing and more excitement. There are two events on the PGA and European tour which have this format, but it usually occurs as a better ball so only two players per team rather than 4. I think using this format in some competitions in Vietnam would help and provide a different and more exciting way of playing. It will speed up the game and offer a new way of learning shots and decision-making. 


Mark Chambers – The VGS Academy


I like the format. I’ve been involved with it for 30 years plus and it’s an extremely fun team competition. Golfers don’t need to be good golfers to compete and feel like they can contribute in this format. It is easy to play and after a few holes your team starts to realise the strategy involved. 
At home, we have huge year-long competitions around this style of tournament. All levels of golfers can play and be winners. What used to be the Holden Scramble in Australia is now the Volkswagen Scramble and this event sees upwards of 25,000 golfers competing in it each year. It has been running more than 25 years and is now so popular that there is a standalone ladies event as well.
I think it should be used as a breakup competition from stroke play in Vietnam. I believe Vietnamese golfers should be encouraged to try many formats, such as Canadian Foursomes. The Scramble event is so much fun and being a team event you have multiple chances to hit great shots within your team. A format that keeps golfers interested is great for the game.

Đăng bởi Hà Phan

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