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BRG Group deepening global footprint for sustainable development

BRG Group chairwoman Nguyen Thi Nga and golf icon Jack Nicklaus
BRG Group chairwoman Nguyen Thi Nga and golf icon Jack Nicklaus

For many years now, BRG Group- a local leading private group in finance, banking and golf resorts, and its chairwoman Nguyen Thi Nga has pursued a strategy of working with global players in the hospitality and finance-banking industry to deepen its international integration.

BRG’s main aim is to build high-quality and distinctive Vietnamese properties to serve not only domestic customers, but can also satisfy demanding requirements from both local and international business people and visitors. The group has made great strides in creating increasingly diversified and new unparalleled values in each product and service, looking for a higher quality of life for resident community and the society.

BRG’s enthusiasm for and dedication to each project shows its concern not only for profit, but also to the development of the nation and the community. These good values have helped BRG make strong alliances with foreign partners.

As for the golf side of BRG’s business, the BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort was designed by Nicklaus Design and is the first golf course in Vietnam to adopt a unique “twin green” design concept, a first for Nicklaus Design in Asia.

The course is located in the foothills of a legendary property in Hanoi’s suburban district of Soc Son, adjacent to the Soc Temple, which is famous for its place in the legend of Thanh Giong, one of Vietnam’s mythological heroes.

After signing an exclusive contract with BRG on opening the Golf Nicklaus Academy in Vietnam, the Nicklaus Group also decided to sign an exclusive agreement on golf course design with the local real estate group.

At the signing ceremony for the deal in late 2015, Nicklaus Group deputy chairman Paul Stringer said that in the group’s more than 100-year history, this was their first-ever exclusive agreement on golf course design. Stringer commended the prestige of BRG Group as well as the hard work and dedication of chairwoman Nga, and particularly her efforts in community development.

Apart from Legend Hill, BRG owns two other premier golf courses: Kings’ Island Golf Resort in Hanoi’s Son Tay district and BRG Ruby Tree Golf Resort in Haiphong’s Do Son district, which are financed and managed by experts from the US and Italy.

In the hospitality industry, BRG has cultivated close ties with Hilton Worldwide, one of the largest hospitality companies in the world, through operating Hilton Hanoi Opera and Hilton Garden Inn Hanoi, and in the upcoming time new Hilton branded hotels such as Hilton Hanoi Westlake in Hanoi capital,  and Hilton Haiphong & Residences and Doubletree by Hilton Golf Resort Do Son in Haiphong city. At any project with BRG engagement, the group has made comprehensive investments, looking through customers’ eyes and paying particular heeds to details, striving to bring their customers the best values.

Developing cooperation on the basis of mutual understanding and benefits for sustainable development is the principle BRG Group and its partners have always strictly observed which has generated fruition. The pipeline of works and projects deployed by BRG and its partners has brought multiple opportunities for local people and the customers to approach international standard products and services, some reaching the highest standards worldwide.

“We want every of our products and services will carry BRG’s true distinction,” said BRG chairwoman Nguyen Thi Nga.

Nga assumed that with a raft of new-generation free trade agreements which have come into force or are about to take effect Vietnam was moving closer to the world community.  International integration is ushering in a multitude of opportunities, but challenges are also numerous. In this context, growing inner strength of each business and the whole economy to grasp these fresh opportunities is of foremost importance.

“Vietnamese businesses need to be proactive to seize growth opportunities in a timely manner. For BRG, the pressure stemming from integration will drive us to overcome hardships and achieve success,” shared the founder of one of Vietnam’s largest private business groups.

In reality, the proven core values, such as strong cooperation, constant innovations leveraging sound inner strength, competent leadership and internal solidarity are the competitive advantages paving the way for BRG Group to leap forward, striving to be named among Vietnam’s and regional top multi-industry groups in the not distant future.

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