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Decree on golf course investment to be strengthened

The prime minister has issued comments on the business conditions for golf course projects.

The PM assigned the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) to collaborate with the Ministry of Justice to submit a draft decree on investment and business conditions for golf courses, following the procedures of the Law on the Promulgation of Legal Documents.

The government will review the draft and make a decision on investment and business conditions for golf courses after the Law on Planning comes into effect.

According to MPI’s proposal on supplementing the planning and investment policy for golf courses, the PM put the Minister of Planning and Investment in charge of the task. This is in line with Decision No.1946/QD-TTg dated November 26, 2009 of the prime minister, approving the planning of Vietnam’s golf courses up to 2020, Directive No.11/CT-TTg dated April 18, 2012 on the intensification of management, inspection, and supervision of the implementation of the golf course master plan, and other related legal documents.

MPI will prepare the draft on the policies for golf course construction and business projects in accordance with the Law on Investment.

The latest report of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment noted that there are 60 golf courses nationwide, dotted across nearly 30 cities and provinces.

There will be around 100 golf courses by 2020, based on poor quality, sandy land areas and unused land. Land for rice cultivation, rich land, protective forest land, and special-use forest land will not be allowed to be used to construct golf courses.


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